Creating Everyday Gives you Superpowers!

New things are thought of daily by everyone; innovative ideas, abstract ideas, bad ideas, great ideas but what if we created every day, think of how progressive the world could be. We observe creativity every day, but how much of those created things came from you?

Imagine a world where everything around you is something you created, something you thought of. What would be in your world? What type of awesome things would you fill your world with? The world that you dreamed of can be created by you! The answers to how to create your dream are inside of you and also outside of you waiting for you to find it and create that link between your dreams and your reality. Everything around us was once a dream, a thought, an idea and now we are using it! A chair, a table, a cup, a computer, the thing besides your computer, all just an idea some time ago, and now a reality. Creativity is making your dreams reality, this is why it is important to create every single day.


Creativity is a Superpower

The power of creation! There is no one in the universe like you and you have your own creative superpowers. Use those unique creative powers that only you have and create something. Your Creative powers are just like muscles, they have to be worked out daily to become stronger. Don’t lose your creative power by not creating on a daily basis. Try making creativity a habit. Working on your creativity every single day is beneficial because you will become more powerful through creativity.


Imagine all the great minds in the world Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Gandhi, and Albert Einstein, (just to name a few) They are all different, but the same thing that makes them different is the same thing that makes them alike. They are all original human being, just like you. They took their talents, learnings, and findings and created something every single day

Create every single day to make the world a better place, and once you create, you will find that your superpower is advancing at a rate that the universe will have no choice but to acknowledge you, due to a large amount of creative energy being used in your direction. Continue to create, and continue to learn, whether it be drawing, painting, acting, writing, sculpting, science projects. dancing, music, speaking, poetry, business, culinary arts, programming, graphic design, etc. No matter what, keep on creating because no one will change the world in a way that you can.


Creativity is important in everything that we do, because without it what are we doing?


Bonus video: Boy with the superpower to create real Images out of nothing