South East Home School Expo: Lessons Learned

Creativity is Life! The South East Home School Expo most definitely expressed that this year. The Expo was filled with all different sorts of creative booths, workshops, and curriculum for homeschooled children as well as for parents. There were cool science experiments, rock climbing, music, ACT and SAT prep, robots, acting groups, math programs, and books, tons and tons of books! Our first time at an expo was definitely one to remember. Here are some interesting things we learned at being at a Home School Expo.



Candy is Like Water

It’s a Home School Expo, of course, the candy disappeared faster than you could say “The South East Home School Expo was so awesome”. The ratios from children to parents were like 3 to 1. As a booth holder that had a lot of candy, we can definitely say candy played a sweet role in informing parents about what creativity was all about, but now that we know this, we are going to help the parents out next year with healthier treats. How’s carrots?


Women Call the (Pew, Bang, Boom, Pow) Shots! 

It’s true! At the home school expo, we saw that mothers usually call the shots. When it comes to homeschooling, a lot of fathers were interested but when it came to the final decision on which curriculum would be the best fit for their child it was either mutual or mama’s job to save the day. Women have been backing men since the beginning of time, but I’m sure that we can all agree that mother knows best.


Home Schooled Children are Geniuses! 

I don’t know if it’s the better usage of time in actually teaching your child in comparison to public schools or the creative freedom you give your children, but whatever it is, parents, continue to do it. Homeschooled children are geniuses! We met a lot of bright and smart children, we came to this conclusion when one homeschooled child helped us out with a pending problem we had while setting up our booth. 


The Home School Community is a Welcoming One

There is a certain spark that the home school community brings, and it shined brighter than ever at the South East Home School Expo. Thank you for the friendly faces and smiles, thank you for the kind words and believing in your child’s creativity, we enjoyed meeting you all.


Hope to see you next year.