5 Things That Limit Your Creativity

Are you wishing that creativity could come easier? Well, I’m here wishing the same exact thing. Creativity is like a mystical phenomenon that can be grasped and practiced, but is it possible that we are limiting our own creativity? Here are 5 things that we say in our lives that limit our creativity.


1. “I don’t feel confident enough, I’m not ready to put myself out there.”

Many times we literally block ourselves from opportunities because we don’t take them. We feel that we aren’t good enough, or we probably won’t do a good job… STOP THAT… thank you. Honestly, most times you don’t need to be an expert to do a good job. No one is fully ready, so just take action and watch the creativity flow. You will be surprised to see what you can actually accomplish, and it will be a rewarding experience.


2. “I am too busy.”

I get it, you go to work/school, you have friends, you have responsibilities, you have obligations, and you also have excuses! Taking time out for yourself to create is vital for your health. All of these things can cause stress, and can zap your creativity into paralyzation! YES, PARALYZATION. So make, take, and bake a little time for creativity. It’s beneficial, imperative, great and all the other words that mean “important”.


3. “It’s not the right time yet.”

There is never a perfect time, except now. If you wait for the perfect time, you will probably, most likely, definitely be waiting your whole entire life. The truth is the sooner the better. The sooner you start creating and putting yourself out there the better the outcome so as the famous slogan for Nike goes, “Let’s do it” or is it “Just do it” or is it “Let’s just do it” either way you’re “doing it”.


4. “I’m scared people will judge my work.”

Our family and friends usually mean well, but at times their criticism can appear kind of harsh. People are always going to judge your work, but no one can truly judge your creativity because it’s yours. It came from somewhere that many people can not fully understand. Some people can relate some can’t. Just be true to yourself.


5. “I feel like being creative is not really that productive.”

When your creative ventures are not making any money, it can be easy to quit. You might feel that you aren’t being as productive as you could be. As a lover of money, I completely understand, but even though I love money, I love happiness even more. Start living by doing what makes you happy.

Can you relate to any of these? Do you see how these things can limit and block your creativity? Share your experience with things that block your creative flow below.