Top 10 Fun Art Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Weekends are the best time time to let loose your family’s creativity and create some wonderfully fun art projects for kids, together. Get out your art supplies, roll up your sleeves, and have fun getting creative and making family memories together!  Doing art together is a great way to create stronger bonds, encourage communication and make your own fun at home. Here are 10 fun art projects that kids of all ages (and adults too) of all ages can enjoy doing together!

 Learn a Specific Skill

A fun art project for kids is to work on a specific skill rather than focusing on a large task. You might be surprised how much you learn about your own art skill by practicing alongside your child! Learning and honing a specific artistic skill is incredibly satisfying.

1)  Learn how to draw hair, eyes, and hands – these can be tricky to draw, but with Sparketh’s art class videos, your kids can improve their skills. Fill a page with vibrantly colored eye drawings for a fun art project for kids.

2)  Learn how to draw a still life – check out the Glass of Water video on Sparketh’s website for a fun art project for kids.

3)  Draw some bubbles – Sparketh has an incredible video teaching how to draw bubbles. Share some giggles with your kids while blowing bubbles, then draw this fun art project for kids.

Learn a New Style

Learning about a variety of artistic styles opens up new ways for our kids to express themselves. Trying out new styles is always a fun art project for kids.

4)  Manga – Manga is a style of drawing that is used in Japanese comics and graphic novels. The characters in Manga have fun and expressive faces. Try out some of Sparketh’s many Manga videos for a fun art project for kids.

5)  Realism – Some kids are drawn to realism. Use Sparketh’s realism videos to help hone their skills. Drawing something around the house as realistically as possible is a fun art project for kids.

6)  Surrealism – Encourage your kids to use their wildest imagination to draw something surreal and cool. This is a fun art project for kids that encourages thinking outside the box.

3. Take a Challenge

Sparketh’s art video lessons include many challenges that make perfect fun art projects for kids. Have your whole family sit around the table and participate in creating something new.

7)  Non-dominant challenge – Try your hand at drawing with your non-dominant hand. This is a great opportunity to laugh together over the difficulty of a seemingly simple task. It’s a fun art project for kids and adults to do together.

8)  Word Art challenge – Check out Sparketh’s word-art challenge. This fun art project for kids has a really wonderful end product.

9)  Whatcha Knead challenge – This intriguing challenge involves using abstract forms to make a fun art project for kids.

Free for All!

10)  Fill your table with all of your art supplies and encourage your kids to follow their imaginations. A fun art project for kids is to create a cool mixed-media work of art. Use paints, pencils, crayons, glue, glitter, cut up magazines, twigs and even salt to create something as uniquely fun as your child.

Sparketh has thousands of fun art project videos for kids to choose from for ages 6 to 18 that are incredibly informative, bite-sized educational videos taught by actual art teachers.

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