Once Upon A Time...

We are a group of people dedicated to helping the next generation become the most creative generation!

Dwayne and Tim are childhood best friends. They were always super creative and had a passion for learning new skills.

Every summer, they took the time to learn a new skill. Some of the awesome things they learned growing up as teens were, playing poker, magic tricks, business networking, and starting a business.

They started a handful of cool companies with their nights and weekends. But they never went anywhere. At some point in college, they decided they would pick an idea they both loved and would stick with it.

Dwayne’s mom homeschooled him because he wanted to learn art, but the public school system kept neglecting art instruction. Dwayne was a self-taught artist that won many art contests and awards growing up.

Tim was passionate about film and videography. After creating “sponsor me tapes” for his younger brother who loved skateboarding. He eventually developed his skills and became one of the top videography freelancers in Atlanta. He’s gone on to create amazing videos for companies and non-profits in Atlanta.

In 2014, when Tim and Dwayne entered a business pitch competition called Concept 2 Reality, they knew what idea they had to present. Dwayne shared his vision and Tim helped fletch out the details of the perfect site for kids and teens to learn creative subjects. As they made it past each level of the competition, the idea became closer and closer to reality. By the time they looked up, they were in the finals, competing against 4 other top-notch business ideas presented by their peers. 

The finale was a “Shark Tank” style event where 5 local investors judged the ideas and chose their favorite. Their business named Sirius ended up winning 2nd place. It was a bittersweet victory. That night they vowed to the investors and themselves that they’d bring the company to life.

Before they could go mainstream, one thing had to be fixed. The name and logo were scratched. And they looked to one of their favorite creative idols, Shakespeare, for inspiration. In his time, he wouldn’t tell kids to spark their creativity…but rather to “Sparketh their creativity!” 

And after a bit of domain browsing and trademark searching... Sparketh was born!
In 2015, they launched the Sparketh brand at the Southeast Homeschool Expo with just four courses published. There, they signed up their very first 10 families who believed in the Sparketh vision. They’ve created and published new courses on the platform every week since while reinvesting every dollar back into the creative mission.

In year two, they attended 3 homeschool expos, and then 11 expos. Until four years later, they were on a national expo tour with 24 stops at every corner of the U.S. 
Now, in 2021, the Sparketh brand is breaking new ground with their first-ever national tv appearance on the beloved American reality show Shark Tank!

There is one thing we know for sure—Dwayne and Tim are just getting started, and they won’t give up until the next generation is the most creative generation! 

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