Online Art Classes for Homeschoolers are a Great Way to Learn

Are you a homeschooling veteran, or have you been schooling-from-home since Covid showed up? Either way, you probably know that homeschooling can be full of unexpected rewards – and a few specific challenges, too.  Depending on your kids and family, though, homeschooling can be the best way to learn! Many of our homeschooling friends here at Sparketh especially love how homeschooling allows for plenty of hands-on learning, adventures, and customization.

For homeschooled families, there are also times when online classes can be a lifesaver. For example, if you’re a homeschooling parent who teaches kids of multiple ages, or you work from home, online classes can be a resource that makes all the difference. Online classes can also provide quality instruction and structure on a topic that you may not feel comfortable teaching.  One area that we at Sparketh feel really passionate about bringing into the world of online classes? Art!

Online art classes for homeschoolers are a wonderful way to bring creativity and variety into the school day. Our online art classes at Sparketh provide structure within a self-led format. Students can login each day and choose the online art class (or classes) that he or she will complete. Each pre-recorded class includes several short videos, which allow students to follow along with the art instructor, step-by-step, at a pace that is comfortable for that student.  Making creativity and art a regular part of your child’s everyday routine can have all kinds of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons we think that online art classes for homeschoolers are a great way to learn!

1. Online art classes give variety to the school day.

Some kids can get burned out out focusing on traditional subjects like math, language, and science all day. However, creative learning is always fun! Online art classes for homeschoolers can make it easier to create a space in the schedule for creative learning everyday, which can have a multitude of benefits. (Read about just a few of the benefits of art classes for students here).

In addition to helping your child grow his or her love of art, and art skills, online art classes for kids can help boost critical and creative thinking skills, and provide some relaxing learning time into their daily schedule! Online art classes are a great way to build some variety and creativity into your homeschooler’s daily routine. (And because the art classes on online, this takes a lot of pressure off of busy homeschooling parents, too.)

2. Online art classes for homeschoolers aren’t intimidating.

Not every kid feels comfortable with this or her own art skills, and some kids may feel intimidated if they have to compare their work to others or work one-on-one with an instructor in person. Online art classes, like those offered by Sparketh, allow kids to hone their skills and gain confidence from the comfort and privacy of home.

Kids and teens don’t always feel safe expressing themselves in public, and art can be very powerful mode of expression. Online art classes for homeschoolers allow kids and teens to develop and embrace that art skill in comfort and privacy, and let them set their own pace to learn and practice.

3. Give a child an expanded art education–the easy way.

In online art classes  like the ones offered by Sparketh, kids can do the kinds of art that they enjoy, and learn how to draw and paint in a variety of subjects and styles! This self-guided approach will help them grow at their own pace and find new art styles to love. Many of our online art classes and styles also feature bit of art history, and all of our videos contain tips and tricks that will help students to expand their personal “art toolboxes.” The more online art classes your child completes, the more his or her art knowledge will grow…but it all starts with a self-paced experience that is fun and beneficial for your young artist.

Another benefit of online art classes is the experience of a supportive community via a “virtual art tribe.” Sparketh actually sponsors a free online art comm

4. Online Art Classes Open Up the World Online. 

It’s no big secret that being comfortable with computers and virtual learning is becoming a constantly more important life skill! More and more people are learning and working from home than ever before, and it’s a trend that is very likely to grow. Online art classes can be a fun, safe, creative and engaging way to show your kids how technology can facilitate the learning experience.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, you can expand your child’s online art learning even further! Did you know, for instance, that you can take virtual field trips to the Louvre in Paris, or to see the Museum of Modern Art in New York? You could even use some of the art styles your child has learned on Sparketh to recreate a famous work of art in that same style.  Be creative and discover that there are so many ways to make online learning a safe and rewarding adventure!

5. Online Art Classes Help Kids Find Their Tribe–Safely!

Of course, kids and teens who love art love to connect with other kids and teens who love art! Parents want this too, but we also want it to be safe, right? That’s why Sparketh decided to sponsor the Sparketh Community.  The Sparketh Community is a totally free, safe online space for artsy kids and teens to share their work, connect, and talk about art! There’s a brief screening process and it is fully monitored by a Sparketh art instructor and team members. Our community is not just safe; it’s also super friendly with an emphasis on encouragement, art tips, and positive vibes. We also have monthly art challenges with art-related prizes!

We hope you’ll consider making online art classes a regular part of your homeschooler’s routine. Creative learning has so much value in a child and teen’s life, and we think that online art classes are a fun, safe and effective way to make it happen–everyday! If you’d like to try out our online art classes to see if they could work for your kids, or in your homeschool, you can learn more here! Want a safe online space for your artsy kid to meet other young artists? Check out our free community at