Create Father’s Day Art with These Online Art Classes!

Father’s Day is almost here! If you’re looking for some great DIY ideas to gift dad on June 20th, we think you can’t go wrong with some thoughtfully constructed art! Since we have several virtual art classes on Sparketh that would make some awesome Father’s Day artwork, we wanted to share some of our favorite artistic ideas with you. Below, you’ll find 3 main ideas for creating art for your dad this Father’s Day, along with plenty of links to Sparketh’s virtual art classes. If you are a Sparketh member, just login to your account and follow the blue links to start each course!

(Not a member but see something you (or your kids) would like to try? We offer a free month of membership to our virtual art classes, which you can grab here.)

1. Draw a Portrait of Your Dad!

Gift the dad in your life with an epic portrait of . . . himself! At Sparketh, we offer virtual art classes on creating portraits in a variety of art styles. Is the dad in your life traditional and into details? How about realism portrait? Looking for something a little more fun and clean? What about a minimalism portrait?

Check out our Art Style Portrait Track and learn how to create a portrait in a style that you feel best fits your dad’s style!

Just remember: when drawing a portrait of your dad for Father’s Day, be sure to make it flattering!

2. Create Art that Honors Dad’s Interests! 

Does the dad in your life love animals, or a good burger, or the ocean? We have a ton of courses to choose from when it comes to creating art that reflects dad’s interests. Here are just a few that might be good ideas! If you don’t see a work of art that fits your dad’s personality, try searching the course options on the site! We have so many options that it’s likely we have something that the dad in your life will love.

3. Go Abstract with a Cool and Decorative Design!

A more abstract work of art can create a cool, decorative piece that dad can display at home or in his workplace! We have some really fun abstract art tutorials on the site that aren’t difficult to create but always turn out looking very professional. Artists of any level can attempt the below courses, though some special supplies are required (younger kids may need a little bit of help, as well).

We hope you have fun using our courses to create something special for the special dad’s (or dad-like figures) in your family! Don’t forget to share pictures of finished products on the Sparketh gallery, the free Sparketh Community, and/or social media!