From Chaos to Blissful Homeschooling in 4 Weeks

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In 2008, I was a frustrated homeschooler with below average grades.

In 2009, I was interviewed by CBS News, flown to Italy on an art excursion, commissioned to paint for many celebrities...

...and a high-achieving 15 year old student.

Work smart, and it's not hard to have a flourishing homeschool with exceptional students. The trick is to break it all down into achievable chunks. Don't aim to transform your entire homeschool in one day. Aim to get organized and hit that goal. Then pick another one.

You can create an effective, blissful homeschool in 1 month. That's just 4 weeks!

Today, I study business marketing, work with established organizations, and run my own business...all because my mom declared a Homeschool Overhaul in 2009.

Will you declare your Homeschool Overhaul in 2018?

My Homeschool Overhaul Roadmap will help you every step of the way.

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