Homeschooling In GA

If you decided to start homeschooling in GA, you and your child may need info, curriculums, and support to get started. This post will help you with all the important info when it comes to homeschooling in GA. (The Empire State of the South!) So take a second to read it through, take some notes, and share it with other homeschoolers in GA.

Before we dive in, we want to recommend that homeschool parents refer to Georgia’s Department of Education website for the legal requirements of homeschooling. It’s important to be legally set up to homeschool, and the requirements vary from state to state. So do your research legally, and we’ll walk you through some other Georgia homeschooling info. You can also glance at these sites for legal info:

Homeschool Support Groups

Many homeschoolers choose to join a homeschool support group when starting out. These local groups usually meet up for playground days, visit attractions, go on homeschool field trips, and throw holiday events or parties. The focus of homeschool support groups can vary from support and fun to educational cooperation. These local educational support groups are usually called “co-ops”. They get together and divide teaching subjects to parents, study together, and prep for exams together.

You can find a list of Georgia Co-ops here: Homeschool Classified Georgia Co-ops

Another major resource Georgia homeschooling parents use is their local library. Libraries play an important role for parents homeschooling in GA. They use it as their “school library” so their children can find books to read. Libraries also host their own events with local groups. And parents often find the missing gaps in their homeschool curriculum at their local public library.

You can search to find your best Georgia public libraries here: Georgia Libraries Directory

Pros of Homeschooling in GA

There are pros and cons of homeschooling regardless of what state you live in. However, Georgia has some great perks for new homeschoolers and old ones alike. Most homeschool families get to have great homeschool days without much legal stress. Parents only require a high school diploma or GED to homeschool their child, unlike other states that require a full degree. Another laid back legal tidbit is that Georgia only requires homeschooling through the ages of 6-16 years old.

And there’s all the amazing parks, beautiful landscapes, and natural wonders that homeschool parents enjoy in Georgia. For this reason, some homeschool parents in GA choose to have laid-back days to soak it all in. They go to amazing state parks like Stone Mountain Park which hosts many events including the most popular laser show in Georgia. They go to the leading and most beautiful art museum in the southeast, the High Museum of Art. And homeschool families enjoy visiting natural beaches in Savannah, Georgia.

Homeschooling with Sparketh

At Sparketh, we have taken notice that homeschooling has no right or wrong way. There is no perfect curriculum, and perfect strategy. Parents shouldn’t have to continually, get new curriculums and resources for their child’s learning, but rather choose resources that have many options and can grow with your child.

Additionally, families that homeschool multiple children have many other problems. Programs that work for one child may not work for the others. Curriculums that successfully taught one child may be obsolete in the next few years.

Some of the things homeschool parents love about Sparketh include:

Sparketh art courses are very fun and engaging for kids. The Sparketh mentors are young, experienced, outgoing, and passionate which shows in the video lessons.

There is a wide array of options to choose from. With over 200+ art lesson videos, parents love finding neat and informative art courses their child is interested in.

Children love the independent nature of Sparketh. With no third-party ads, parents feel safe allowing their kids to browse and find their own courses to facilitate their own art learning.

Sparketh is always adding new courses. Parents love knowing that every week, there will be a new course waiting. This re-instills the excitement of learning art every week for the child and the parent.

Sparketh is effective for homeschool learners, has a low monthly price, is fun and engaging, and allows parents to try it free to be sure your child will love it!

Get started with Sparketh as part of your extracurricular homeschool curriculum!

Homeschooling with Confidence

Regardless of where you live, be confident that homeschooling is possible. It may seem like a daunting task when you first get started but be confident in yourself. You can teach your kids and raise them at the same time. You can instill important family and religious values in your child while the grow. You can spend more time with your children while preparing them for the real world. And you can be happy while doing it.

Whether in Georgia or Alaska. Whether in California or New York. Whether in the U.S. or overseas. Be confident in your homeschool and Stay Creative!