10 ½ ways to be more creative.

Many people make creating look easy and effortless, some have a little trouble, but in all actuality, creativity is inside us all just waiting to be set free. If you need a little push to create the next ingenious idea, here are 10 ½ ways to be (Drum roll please) More creative!


1. Get out of your comfort zone

Many of us get comfortable and fall into this routine way of expressing ourselves and our lives. GET OUT! Creative people enjoy the randomness that life has to offer. Put yourself in situations that allow you to grow and develop as not only a creator but a person.


2. Carry a notebook

There is a certain mysticism about creativity, sometimes it comes out of thin air while we are doing the dishes or something totally unrelated, and other times it comes from the amount of focus we protrude on creating something wondrous. Creativity can come at any moment so be ready. Carry a notebook or anything to record and compose your ideas so that you are able to revisit it and develop it into something much greater.


3. Find inspiration

Yes, Inspiration is all around you. Try to look at situations, events, people, and your surroundings as if you are an inspired and passionate artist looking to change humanity with a deepened and emotional piece of art. Inspiration can come from anything so remember to have an open mind and heart to accept it.


4. Be outrageous

The great thing about ideas is that it’s completely yours, YOU invented that painting, or song, poem, story or whatever and no one else did and now you can share it! No idea is bad….ok I lied, not all ideas are bad, so might as well be outrageous and radical and fun, you never know what could happen.


5. Have fun

Creativity is fun, the process is much more enjoyable than the end result, and if you aren’t enjoying the journey it will definitely show in the end result if you aren’t having fun then try creating something else or figure out a way to make it more fun, don’t force it.


6. Combine random elements

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh. Creativity is connecting the dots, connecting ideas and making it work together, try connecting words together to make a poem or story.


7. Be open and aware

Creativity is in all of us but how do we set it free? The best way to set your creativity free is to be open to doing so. Take an art class, go to museums, go to a park, watch a funny video, search for inspiration, look at it from a different perspective, go walking, clean up, clean down, listen to music, do a handstand, find an art course online, or do a handstand while doing an art class online. The choices are endless.


8. Ask questions

Creative people are also very curious individuals, so ask questions! If you don’t know something or don’t understand it ask a friend. Don’t have any friends? Don’t sweat it, you can ask my good friend Google. You’ll never know when that new piece of information you learned will come in handy.


9. Relax

True creativity is never forced. Sometimes you may get frustrated but just relax, just keep working and it will come. Your idea is merely a test to see if you are completely ready to take it to the next level. Your ingenious idea is yours, take care of it, nurture it, be patient and watch it grow.


10. Make it a habit

Creative people are making creativity a habit. They do it ALL the time, make your creative outlet a habit. Do it often, the more you do it the easier it gets, just like most things.


10 ½. Creative art courses to take while you are doing a handstand. https://sparketh.wpengine.com/