Your Guide to Our Free Art Resources!

If you’ve been a Sparketh member for awhile, you already know that we are an online art education company. You might not know that, behind the name “Sparketh,” is a tiny team of creatives with a shared vision: to nurture creativity in the youngest generation.

When Sparketh co-founders, Tim and Dwayne started Sparketh in 2015, they wanted Sparketh to be a haven for “all things creative.”  Dwayne, a self-taught professional artist, always wished he’d had a resource like Sparketh when he was growing up: a virtual space that would offer creative support, community, and art education.

This vision is behind everything we do at Sparketh. We are always looking for new ways to nurture our digital community of creative kids and teens…and many of them don’t cost you a cent!

Online Art Class Memberships

The primary way that Sparketh is a creativity resource is by offering online art classes for kids and teens. Sparketh is unique in its Netflix-like offering of self-paced art classes, each of them created by working artists and art instructors. With a monthly or yearly membership, kids in your home can access their online art classes anywhere, anytime. The online art classes are the core of our business, so membership is not free. However, we do offer 30 days of membership for free. You can snag that here.

In addition to our online art classes for kids and teens, we also offer art education, tutorials, and art tips on our social media channels, along with access to a free online creative community. Below, check out all of the places around the Web where you can find us sharing free creativity resources– made just for you!

Sparketh’s Free Resources for Creatives

Why We Share Free Resources

Let’s go ahead and address this one really quickly with a little transparency, because I can hear you wondering over there: Why free stuff?

1.) We are a business,  2.) and our product is professional online art classes. 3.) However, we’re also a small company of real people who share a collective passion for creativity. It’s part of who we are as a brand–and as individuals, too.

By adding creativity resources to every facet of what we do (including the free stuff) we’re working towards our goal of growing Sparketh’s creative community  and making it a “resource for all things creative.”

Our free resources go along with our online art classes for kids and support your creative journey (whether or not you are a Sparketh member!)

Art Educators First & Content Creators Second

Social media is the primary way we share free creativity resources with you, and there’s something you should know about our social media team. We are all creatives and educators in real life. In the content that we create for Sparketh’s social media, therefore, our aim is primarily to inspire and teach! We use Sparketh’s social media accounts to share art content that’s inspiring, fun, educational…and free!

Sparketh’s TikTok Channel: Art Hacks, Short Tutorials and Inspiration

On Sparketh’s TikTok account, you’ll get helpful art tips several times per week to inspire you on your creative journey (whether you are a kid, teen, or adult!) Our TikTok content creator, Amy, is a professional artist as well as one of our online art instructors! She is always sharing new art hacks on TikTok for a variety of mediums, from painting to digital art. She also shares quick technique tutorials, art-related humor, and encouraging thoughts for young artists to give them greater confidence in their journeys!

Below, you’ll find examples of some content from our TikTok account. Give this account a “Follow,” to get regular art tips and tricks from Amy!

Sparketh’s Youtube Channel: Longer Art Demos and Art Ideas to Try at Home

On our Youtube channel, you’ll find detailed art demonstrations, tutorials, and inspiration for DIY art (and craft) projects. Sparketh’s Youtube content creator, Maria, is a talented artist. She has an eye for details and loves to create. Maria’s videos are very kid-friendly and can be a great resource for coming up with bigger art projects for your kids to try, or for you to try together as a family!

This resource is especially good for artsy and/or homeschooling families who do a lot of art projects together at home. Check out the below Youtube videos to get inspired!

Maria uploads a new video every week, so be sure to subscribe so you’ll always have new inspiration!

The Sparketh Community: Connection, Challenges and Art Prizes for Kids and Teens

We also have a free community for young artists! The Sparketh Community is fully sponsored by, but you don’t have to have a Sparketh membership to join and enjoy it! The Sparketh Community is monitored and hosted by Becca: an artist, art educator, and Sparketh art instructor! Becca works full-time as an art teacher. She talented and upbeat, and she loves encouraging young artists!

What you’ll find in the Sparketh Community:

  • A positive atmosphere and a safe place for young artists to share their work. 
  • A companion to, where kids can personally connect with one of our course instructors.
  • Personalized, professional feedback on art when requested. 
  • Connection and community with other creatives in the same age group.
  • The chance to enter monthly art contests (for those 18 and under). Every contest has art-related prizes! 

There are no fees or memberships required to join the Sparketh Community. We simply as that you answer a couple of questions about your age group and your artistic interests when you ask to join! You can get started here.

Sparketh’s Blog: Art Education and Creativity Resources for Families

“Hi!” The blog posts (and newsletters) are written by me–Katie. I’m the mom on our social media team and, as such, I write mostly for parents and families. I always picture parents as the ones reading this blog, so just know that’s how I am picturing you now–parent-ish.  I’m also the only non-professional artist on the team, but I am a creative of a different kind (mainly creative writing though I am a dabbler in various art forms.)  I also have a background in psychology and education, which plays a role here on the blog because I believe that creativity is one of the most important qualities anyone can possess!

On the blog, I share art tips and ideas (brainstormed from our whole team) that you can use to learn art at home. I also share interviews,  research about art and creativity, interesting art history finds, and current news from Sparketh! Check out some of the below blogs to get a feel for what to expect here!

Instagram and Facebook

We know most of you have an Instagram and Facebook account, and we’re there too! On our Facebook and Instagram, you’ll find of a mix of things of that we share other places online, from  reminders about new contests in the Sparketh Community to new Youtube videos! These accounts are good ways to keep in touch and stay up to date, so you don’t miss out on art content that may be just right for you! We also love content suggestions, and Facebook/Instagram can be a great place to send requests for art tips or content you’d like to see!

We hope that you’ve found some new, free art resources to love in this blog post. We love to connect with other creatives and encourage young artists as they develop new skills! Thanks for being part of our story here at Sparketh; we are excited to be part of yours!