May the 4th: Star Wars Day Art!

May the 4th be with you. What began as a pun is now a full-blown day of celebration of one of the world’s favorite sagas: Star Wars!

Whether you’re a hardcore original trilogy fan or a lover of prequels and sequels alike, May the 4th gives you a chance to share your Star Wars enthusiasm with others through dressing up, movie marathoning and – of course- creating Star Wars themed art! Our small creative team at Sparketh wanted to get in on the fun and share some Star Wars art ideas with you all. Below, you’ll find inspiration for creating Star Wars art that reflects your love of the Force (and characters who know how to use it.)

Adorable ‘Chibi’ Darth Vader 

It’s everyone’s favorite bad guy…but cuter! In the short video TikTok below, Sparketh art instructor, Amy,  provides inspiration for how to create a cute, “chibi” Darth Vader painting using watercolor techniques. All he needed was a little bit of love, right? Now look at him, adora-Vador.


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♬ Scenes where Darth Vader and monsters appear(782200) – Hollywood Labo

Learn How to Draw 3 Cute Star Wars Characters

Sparketh art instructor and community host, Becca, created this tutorial to show kids how to draw 3 of their favorite, adorable Star Wars creatures. These quick tutorials are easy to follow. In the end, you’ll have awesome cut-outs of some of your favorite characters! Gift your drawings to other Star Wars loving friends or use them as decorations for your movie marathon.

Create a Stunning Portrait of Your Favorite Character

Maybe you’d like to flex your creative muscles and embrace a more involved art challenge this May the 4th! In the below video, Sparketh’s Youtube artist, Maria, tackles a beautifully detailed, soft-pastel portrait of Princess Leia. Princess Leia is an iconic character, known for her no-nonsense attitude and bravery. In many ways, she was ahead of her times in terms of female characters in film. If you love this character as much as we do, check it out and get some ideas for how to create your own Leia portrait with soft pastels.

Celebrate, Grogu style!

In this quick video, watch as Amy creates a stellar, gouache painting of Grogu–looking like he is celebrating Star Wars Day in high style! Many people like gouache paint because it has some qualities that are like watercolor and some that are more like acrylic.  Consider this as a prompt for how you may bring two different art mediums together in a new way as you celebrate Star Wars Day. After all, the Force has two sides, doesn’t it? There must be balance!


May the 4th BE WITH YOU! #starwars #babyyoda #yodaart #maythe4th #myart #guache

♬ original sound – Sparketh

As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Art is kind of the same way. You just have to go for it, and that’s the only way you learn! We hope you do some Star Wars art this May the 4th!

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