Pop Art Portrait

Pop art is an art form that reflected culture and peoples’ everyday life. One of the ways artist did this was by using bold line and “popping” colors. In this course, we learn how to create a Pop art portrait that simply pops!

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Becca S.
6 Videos
47 minutes and 30 seconds
Intermediate Skill Level
Drawing Paper
Drawing Pencils
Kneaded Eraser
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Overview of Pop Art Portrait

Pop Art Portrait Lessons

Terms, Takeaways and Tips

The Pop Art Movement

The Pop Art movement is defined by themes and techniques drawn from the popular mass culture.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol produced a series of paintings of iconic American images and objects including dollar bills, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Campbell’s Soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles.


To draw or trace around the edges of a drawing, usually in pen.

Course Information

1. Use a combination of bold lines and bold colors.
2. Lightly erase your sketch marks to avoid smudging your outline.
3. If you are not careful in balancing the tones and colors, the drawing may look a bit off.