Great minds ink alike!

Try Sparketh for today and instantly enter our Luck of the Draw raffle*.  Your family can win $1500 in prizes and experiences!
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Grand prize:

🤯 iPad pro [$1000]
🤯 Apple Pencil 2nd Gen. [$120]
🤯 Complete Mixed Media Art Kit [$100]
🤯 A year of Sparketh [$300]
🤯 An exclusive meeting with Sparketh to pitch a new course idea! [Priceless 😉]

Can your family out-paint the Sharks?!

How to enter:

Step 1: Sign up for Sparketh and set up your account. 
Step 2: Watch and complete the “Rainbow Feather” course in the course library.
Step 3: Upload your finished artwork to the student gallery.
Congrats you’ve officially entered the Luck of the Draw raffle!
Step 4: Follow Sparketh on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook and wait for us to announce the winner on November 1st!

Terms and conditions apply.

*Raffle is limited to members who sign up within 48 hours of Sparketh’s Shark Tank air date. Oct.22nd at 8pm. 
*Entries end on Oct. 24th at 8pm
*Raffle is limited to one entry per student account
*Parent accounts can use each student account for a different raffle entry as long as the completed artworks are deemed original, different, and not duplicates.
* Any persons or member exploiting the entries, raffle system, or involved with any other unfair process will be immediately disqualified from winning.* All Sparketh membership levels (including free trials) are eligible for entry as long as their account is active.
* If communication to a winner goes unanswered for more than a week, a new winner will be chosen. This process will be repeated indefinitely until a winner accepts their prize.

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