Kid-Friendly Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

“Roses are red,

Paint them timeless with art.

Because if you create it,

It stays in your heart.”

Okay so YES – I know I’m corny- but I just can’t help myself.  I’m one of those people who loves Valentine’s Day. You’ve probably noticed that hearts are everywhere lately because it’s the time of year that we show our love. (Although showing your love is always cool.) At Sparketh, here are 3 of the things we love most!

  1. Art (bet you saw that one coming).
  2. Opportunities to be creative.
  3. Helping you nurture your inner artist!

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and showing our love for the above things), our team has put together some  kid-friendly art ideas that you can try out at home for Valentine’s Day. Below, you’ll find several free art tutorials, online art classes from our course library, and 2 heart-themed art contests that we are hosting this month. We hope you enjoy trying some of these art ideas out at home in celebration of Love Day!

On Social Media: Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas to Try at Home!

Over on Sparketh’s Youtube channel, Maria has been creating several DIY videos that you can use to get creative at home this Valentine’s Day! From kid-friendly DIY Valentine’s cards, to tips for painting the perfect rose, here are some kid-friendly Valentine’s Day art ideas for all skill levels.

How to Paint a Rose in Acrylics

Drawing and painting roses is a skill that every artist needs to acquire! And of course, roses are also on-theme for Valentine’s Day. Watch this video to see how Maria sketches and then paints her rose in acrylic paints. I always love watching her paint, and she’s got some good tips to share, too. After you watch the video, try painting your own lovely rose!


2 Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas 

In this Youtube video, Maria will show you how to create two simple (but adorable) Valentine’s Day cards at home! The first Valentine’s Day card is a “Love Bug” themed card that younger kids are sure to enjoy. The second card is a whimsical, heart-balloon card.  These tutorials are not too difficult to recreate, and are great for kids of all ages. They would also make a fun family projects.

DIY Floral Wreath

I feel this project calling out to the mamas out there, and it can be a great family-project, too! This beautiful floral wreath is a work of functional art that you can recreate at home. Watch our Youtube video and then try it out for yourself. It’d also make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift.

Easy Cling Wrap Art Project

This Cling Wrap Heart is easy to do, but it looks so cool! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day art project to try with young kids. Just make sure you cover those surfaces before you get started.

Heart in Hand Artful Illusion 

Kids will love this one, but so will teens and young adults! Over on our TikTok channel, Amy uses this quick video to show you how to create some convincing illusion with the power of art. Once you’ve mastered it, try it out for all the friends you’d like to “give a little piece of your heart” to.

Online Art Classes that Make a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

We offer professional online art classes for kids and teens here at Sparketh! These two courses from our online library are perfect for creating some Valentine’s Day art. If you’re a Sparketh member, you should be able to follow the links below, login, and get started.

(Not a member? Click here to find out how to try Sparketh for 30 days for free.)


This course, “Valentine’s Day Card,” will explore adding a 3D effect to a basic heart shape! This course is at a beginner level, so it’s great for everyone.

This course (which was designed for Mother’s Day) is called “Happy Mother’s Day,” but it works perfectly for Valentine’s Day, too! Hands are a difficult, but important, subject for artists to master. This course was designed for levels intermediate and up.

We hope these art ideas spark some creativity in your heart for Valentine’s Day (and the whole month long!)