Join Us for Sparktober!

One simple prompt each day to inspire your child’s creativity!

This month, we’re doing something really special at Sparketh…Sparktober!

What’s Sparktober? It’s a daily drawing challenge for the month of October.  For each day of the month, we’re challenging our community of artsy kids and teens to use that day’s one-word prompt and create a quick work of art that is inspired by it! 

Why It Works:

Art prompts are a really effective way to inspire creativity. And there’s something about a really simple, one word prompt that provides just the right balance of structure and freedom.

The fact that this is a daily challenge (with 31 opportunities to create) also makes each individual prompt lower pressure—which can be really freeing for those perfectionist artists!

How Sparktober is Different: 

We’re not the only October-daily-art-prompt-drawing-challenge on the block, but we are the one that is specifically for kids and teens! In our Sparketh Community (which is free to all kids and teens, not just Sparketh members) we are encouraging our community of young artists to upload their doodles each day! It’s a really supportive and kid-friendly environment.

We also have prizes! Consistently creating art this month and uploading it to the Sparketh Community enters kid and teen artists for the chance to win a giftcard to an art supply store of his or her choice…so the creativity can continue into November with some shiny, new art supplies!

How to Enter: 

You can use the above prompt guide to start Sparktober right now! You don’t have to do anything else if you are just looking for a creative challenge (for yourself, your family, or your kids) to inspire you this month!

However, kids and teens who are participating in this challenge are welcome to join us over at the Sparketh Community and upload pictures of their work there for a chance to win a prize. (Our community host creates a new thread each day, for each prompt).

And if you’re just getting started, that’s no problem. Pictures for the daily prompts can still be uploaded after that day has passed, so there’s time to catch up! You can click here to join the Sparketh Community for free. (Why is it free? We’re all about fostering creativity, and community is an important part of that!)

Also, we’d love to see your art if you or your family is participating in Sparktober with us!  Please tag us on Instagram (@sparkethdotcom) or Facebook (@Sparketh) so that we will see it!

We hope you’ll join us in the Sparketh Community for daily art inspiration and monthly challenges! We can’t wait to see the beautiful things you create!