Four Reasons to take an Online Art Class

As the world continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time to take an online class! But rather than forcing yourself to learn a niche topic, like the history of 14th Century France, let loose and indulge your inner child with something exciting, something creative, something artistic: online art classes!

Four Reasons to Take an Online Art Class

1. Relax and Focus

You might be thinking, “but I can draw at home on my own for free; why should I pay for an online art class?” to which we reply, “sure, you can do it on your own, but what happens when your phone pings with a text or your partner turns on your favorite TV show? What then?” Enrolling in an online art class is a great way to switch off from the world for an hour or two. The temptation to sneak a peek at your phone or scroll through unanswered emails is quieted for a moment. Taking an online art class also provides more focus, as it does relaxation time.

2. Learn Something New

When was the last time you learned something new just for the fun of it? Without a university professor telling you it was a requirement or a boss forcing you to do so for work? Taking an online art class is a wonderful way to learn for the sake of learning. Not only will your eye-hand coordination improve, but so will your memory and your spatial awareness. Often, when we draw, we aren’t truly seeing what is in front of us, but rather what we think we are seeing. This is usually why what we’ve sketched onto paper looks nothing like the vase of flowers that sits before us. Rather than vowing to never draw again, an online art class will help you improve your skills faster than doing so alone. You’ll begin to truly look at things and notice the small details, the gentle curves, the shapes you didn’t see before. After a few drawings, your eyes will learn to see more accurately, and this will show in your work.

3. Ignite Your Creativity

Whether we notice or not, the noise of every day life has dulled our imaginations. We no longer play like we did as children and are bound to jobs that leave little room for unstructured creativity. After a long day of staring at a computer or working tediously to frame a house, we often end up sitting on the couch watching television before heading to bed and doing the same thing all over again. An online art class can ignite the right side of your brain, the side responsible for creativity. This can help us begin to see the world in a whole new light. It can also help us problem solve more easily or think through difficult situations with a different perspective.

4. Get Proper Critique

Enrolling in an online art class gives you access to a professional artist who can provide you with insightful feedback and critique. You may notice that your drawing or painting is off, but figuring out why can be difficult, especially for those new to art. An online art class gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive solid answers, useful tips, and links to further studies. Visit our website for more details.