5 Reasons Painting Classes are Fun for Kids

If you have kids, you know how much fun they can have getting messy with some paint, right?

Given that children have a blast when they get free reign over a table of art supplies (without any direction at all), you may be wondering:

“Why painting classes?”

The guided format of painting classes for kids goes beyond exploration and making messes (which are both good things, too, by the way). Among other things,  painting classes for kids can help children learn more about art, emotions, and ways to express themselves effectively! Today, we’re talking about 5 reasons that painting classes are fun and rewarding for kids.

1.  Painting Classes Help Kids Find Their Tribe.

Kids who are drawn to creative endeavors (like art) will have fun making positive connections with instructors and peers in painting classes. Many people don’t think about art as being a social activity, because so much of it is personal/individual. But even though painting classes do give kids projects that are individual, they do so within a collective, supportive group atmosphere.

Because kids tend to relax and focus while doing art, the painting class also presents a very calming social space for kids. This tends to help kids  (especially shy or introverted ones) relax in a group environment and ultimately feel more comfortable connecting with others.

And painting classes don’t have to be in-person to help kids connect with  “art tribe” peers, either.  Social connections can occur via virtual art classes, too! Virtual painting and art classes, like the ones offered here at Sparketh, are becoming an increasingly popular way for students to gain structured, professional instruction and connect with a supportive creative community. In fact, Sparketh recently started up the Sparketh Community, a free virtual space for artsy kids and teens all around the world to complete art challenges, talk about artsy things, and support each other. (You can check it out here.)

Whether in-person or online, painting classes can help kids develop unique bonds with their art instructors and classmates when they share in the fun of creating art together.

2. Painting Classes Teach that Learning New Skills is Rewarding

Learning a new skill under the guidance of a talented teacher is a very fun experience for anyone!  Painting classes for kids  can help grow kids’ creative skills and help them learn new techniques that can make painting even more fun and rewarding.

Think about it this way: everyone loves a challenge. When kids learn new skills and become comfortable applying them under the guidance of an art instructor, they get to face new, exciting challenges and discover the tools they need to create the kind of art they’ve always wanted to. Yes, kids can pick up a paintbrush and paint a picture without any instruction, but when you give kids the foundations to allow them to paint at a higher level, the experience becomes even more enjoyable.

As kids learn and improve, they also enjoy being able to visually see the progress through their own art!

3) Painting Classes Support Good Emotional Health

There are so many ways that art can help kids and teens express their emotions more effectively! Painting can be a helpful outlet for complicated feelings, and it can also be a calming and therapeutic practice. In fact, art therapy is one of the most commonly used techniques by mental health practitioners who work with kids and teens!

So where do panting classes come in? Signing your child or teen up for painting classes is a great way to support their creativity and provide a regular outlet to foster good emotional health, too! As already discussed, painting classes for kids will also help kids and teens grow their artistic skillsets and become even more comfortable using art as a creative and emotional outlet. As art becomes a regular part of your child’s life, it can also become a regular part part of his/her emotional well-being!

4. Painting Classes Grow Self-Confidence

Because art is something that many children and teens are naturally interested in anyway, art/painting classes can provide an awesome opportunity for kids to enjoy the satisfaction of learning how to do something they love– really well.

The experience of learning and growing in an area of interest is awesome for two reasons. Firstly, it shows kids how satisfying learning can be. Secondly, it’s a huge self-confidence boost!

Painting classes can teach kids so much more about how to paint. They can also teach kids to take pride in hard work and to have confidence in the results of that hard work. When kids and teens see how painting classes have helped their art improve, it gives them a huge sense of accomplishment as they learn that patience and perseverance can lead to very satisfying results.

Bonus: a self-confident child is better equipped to find fun in other parts of his or her life, as well!

5. Painting Classes Support Independence

Painting classes for kids give children and teens a skill that they can enjoy on their own…whenever they want! With remote/virtual art classes, kids and teens can even take ownership of art classes as an independently-driven elective course. For example, the online art courses at Sparketh are self-paced, and kids of most ages are able to navigate the course library and work through the courses independently to pick up new art skills, anytime!

And let’s be honest: of the many different independent activities that kids or teens could choose to be excited about, art is one of the best! Beyond that, knowing how to have independent fun is a useful skill that can benefit kids and teens for the rest of their lives.

Painting classes for kids allow your child or teen to have fun in so many different ways. Art classes themselves are enjoyable, but the lasting benefits of art and painting classes include meaningful social connections, a strong emotional outlet, and positive associations with learning, growth and independence!

Sparketh offers 1000 online and on-demand art tutorials, as well as one-on-one mentorship, and a free art community where artsy kids can meet other creatives in their age range. Classes are taught by art teachers who are passionate about both art and sharing their knowledge with kids. Right now, you can even sign up to try Sparketh free for 30 days.