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Frequently Answered Questions

Yes. You can log into Sparketh on any computer with internet access and we encourage you to do so. However, you can only be logged into 1 computer at a time. So feel free to start learning a course on your desktop, sign out, and  then finish up your lessons on your laptop.
All Sparketh members get the same quality service, unlimited access to courses, and project files to download. Members that pay annually save $50 compared to members that pay monthly.
No. Members link their card info during signup and are charged a recurring, simple $25 a month. We email you payment confirmations every month when payments are received.
You can watch as many videos as you want, for as long as you want.
Course files are the free to download images, projects, designs, materials, quizzes, and outlines that your course instructors use in their lessons. We encourage students to download the course files and follow along with instructors for better learning results.
Sparketh lessons are built for engagement and optimal learning, taught by professionals, and have a structured learning format. Sparketh offers high quality creative learning.
No. We plan to offer our students certificates of achievements but first it must be acknowledged by the world as a true certificate. While we work on that, you and everyone at Sparketh will respect you for your new found creative skills! Plus you don’t need a certificate, let your amazing finished work do the talking for you!
No. We don’t support sharing of accounts because Sparketh plans to personalize student accounts for recommended courses, lesson quizzes, and more. If you share accounts you’re account will go into suspension for 2 weeks or more.
Sparketh will never stop making online creative courses and we release a new course every week. You should always have courses to watch.

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