Art Projects for Thanksgiving Week!

Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope that, whatever size gathering you’re planning on having this year, you are able to enjoy some delicious food and special time with people you love.

Many families enjoy their own traditions this time of year: recipes reserved especially for Thanksgiving, crafts, lists of things to be grateful for, outdoor sports, etc.

When I was growing up, my mom was always really great about coming up with a fun art project that the kids in my family could do as we waited for the turkey to cook. To this day, I can still remember those fun, simple art projects, and the quality time I spent working on them with my cousins. More often than not, a few of my adult relatives would join in on the fun before we were finished!

If you are looking for some fun, art projects to do with your family this week,  Sparketh has some great options that would be perfect for all ages and skill-levels. You could use these at an extended family gathering on Thanksgiving, or with your own kids sometime earlier in the week. We also have a gratitude-themed art contest going on throughout the holidays in our free Sparketh Community! 

First, we have this Simple Turkey tutorial that may remind you of nostalgic turkey art you did as a child. However, this fun turkey tutorial takes the classic turkey drawing one step further to help you create a comical, cartoon-version of the classic “hand-based turkey.” This would definitely be a fun project for everyone in the family to try!

Another project that I think would be perfect for this week is this beginner-level tutorial for a Fall Tree Painting! For this project, you’ll need paint, a brush (or brushes) and a canvas. While each person in your group may want to paint his/her own fall tree, I also think this would also be a fun group project! Each person could add leaves in a different color, so that the final product ultimately reflects your own family tree!

Looking for something fun, fall-ish, and a little bit different to try out this week? Try this hot air balloon course! Autumn is the season for hot air balloons, and the color palette for this tutorial is perfectly fall-esque!

If you are looking to connect your kid or teen with a virtual art tribe, you should also check out what’s going in our free Sparketh Community! Our community is available to both Sparketh members and non-members. It’s a place for kids and teens to share their art, encourage one another, and participate in monthly art prompts and contests. We even have prizes every month for those who submit art for the challenges! This holiday season, we are featuring a challenge that is about drawing what makes you grateful! What better art prompt could there be for Thanksgiving week? This is the perfect art challenge to get in the right mindset this week!

We hope that these art ideas add to your fun as you spend time with your family or friends and celebrate Thanksgiving this week!